Is a company with more than ten years of business experience. Our experience is oriented to build a “bridge” of communication and effective commercial relationship, between the supply and demand of products, and services on a national and international level, in the different areas of economic activity

We have our offices in Spain, Israel, Ecuador and the United States of America.

The CEO of ACTING is Judy Robert, whose nationality is Argentine-Israeli. She has more than 30 years of experience in the business and commerce activity in different areas. Her results represent more than 28 of projects completed, with profits of thousands of millions of dollars in the public and private sector worldwide. She speaks and writes English, Spanish and Hebrew fluently and understands very well German and Portuguese situation that benefits the proximity, understanding and confidence in business from the knowledge of the local culture of each country.

Judy Robert’s office is located in Israel. Also, she has a permanent presence in the other countries where she performs economic activity, specifically, Spain, Ecuador and the United States of America.

For the legal support required in the activities of ACTING the company has signed a partnership with GRUPO CEAS in order to obtain the specialized and permanent services that the commercial activities requires GRUPO CEAS 


We provide advice, support and commercial assistance and services for the generation, development and implementation of public and private business and projects of our clients in national and international range.

“Our rol is to put in effective contact the supply and demand of products and services nationally and internationally".


  • In addition to our presence in Ecuador, Spain, Israel and the United States of America, our goal is to have presence in other Latin American and European countries, such as: Panama, Germany and France. With this presence we expect to consolidate our leadership, brand of quality and management in the provision of commercial and business services for the identification, development and implementation of projects.