We search for suppliers in the industry and we put them in contact with products and services petitioner in the national and international range.
We open market for suppliers of products and services at national and international level in the public and private sector.
We represent our client suppliers in national and foreign fairs. We can present presenting their products and services.
We help our clients in the conceptualization, concretion and generation of businesses at national and international level.
We provide our clients with the commercial representation services. Services that are required for their commercial expansion and their internationalization process.
We do market studies and prospecting for products and services studies.
With the legal support of GRUPO CEAS, we provide a comprehensive project management service to the public sector for companies that want to provide their works, goods and services complying with the rules and procedures established for this purpose.
With the logistic and training support of RUNACHAY RANTIY, we generate commercial socialization processes through mechanisms such as round tables, business coffees, seminars, congresses, fairs, etc.
We organize and develop awards and recognition events for companies, and innovative projects at national and international level.